Kelley Southard - November 03, 2021

Walking for fitness is the perfect exercise and a great way to enjoy the company of a friend or even admire your neighborhood. If Shin Splints are becoming a problem, be not discouraged! Here’s some tips that are as simple as 1 2 3.

Rub it out. Move that soreness and lactic acid out of your muscle: the anterior tibialis. That’s the main muscle giving you fits. Massage that muscle belly pushing swelling up towards your heart. An ice massage or pack to the shin might also help with any swelling

2. Use a pool noodle to gently pull your foot backwards.

This movement allows the muscle belly to really relax and

soften. Hold this position 2-3 minutes.

You can repeat this maneuver multiple times a day, as needed.

3. There are several therapy tape products (KT Tape, Rock Tape) on the market

at your local drugstore or for order on-line. Applied to the front of your shin

muscle; you’ll find some more support and relief.

Learn to manage shin pain for long lasting enjoyment with both walking and running fitness!

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